Rental room details
จาก กรุงเทพฯ  
  เชียงใหม่ 1,800 บาท 
  เชียงราย 1,800 บาท 
  อุดรธานี 1,450 บาท 
  ขอนแก่น 1,300 บาท 
  ภูเก็ต 2,050 บาท 


1. Rent Agreement at least 6 months.

2. Less than 6 months Price will be increase as normal renting price.

3. Advanced rent payment for 1 month with deposit.

4. Please inform to officer before renter will check out 1 month advance.

5. Water 18 Baht/ Unit or monthly 108 Baht only/person. (If renter use over limit the water unit system will be count as18Baht/ unit).

6. Electricity 7 Baht/Unit (calculation as meter).

7. Renter need to make a payment every 1 week of the month between1st - 5th of every- month. (Any reason: Late payment we charge 100 Baht/ day).

8. Cleaning room (Studio Room 500Baht) Kitchen room (1,000 Baht).9. Bed sheet renting 300 Bath/Month.

10. Bed sheet wash service 300 Baht/ Time or Check out. 

11. Free Wi-Fi, UBC Channel Service.

12. Water Service for fresh and clean water.

13. Coin- Operated washing machines service.

14. Free bicycle Service (Available only Apartment Public).

15. Microwave renting 500 Baht /Month. ( For Studio Room only)

16. Local and national Thailand landline calls 02 (5 Baht/ Time only 10 minutes limited calling per time).

17. Calling to Oversea 14 Baht/minutes.

18. Free service Key-Card for 1st Check in (Lost/Damage 100Baht/Card).

19. Key- Room ( Lost/Damage 600 Baht/One key)

20. Before check out please leave all the keys at office (Key- room and Key-Card).

21. Animals Not allow



*Deposit will be refund only when a renter checks out as contract agreement

And complete all the payment. If any reason of renter needs to leave before 6 months deposit will not be refund to renter.

* Please, make sure there is no damage/ lost any furniture’s and products belong to apartment. If any reason renter must pay for the charge as a regulation.